About PULSE Manifestation Technique


What is PULSE Manifestation

PULSE (Perception Uniting Life Spiritual Energy) Manifestation™ is a technique for creating anything you want in your life, while you release blockages that have stopped you.

What makes PULSE Manifestation uniquely powerful?

-It combines principles of  EMDR™, hypnosis, breathwork, NLP and the Law of Attraction
-It features our own technology called "PULSEing", a catalyst for creation
-It works on a psychological and physiological level
-It clears old survival patterns while you fulfill on tangible results, both small and large
-It can be used for healing, but it's way more than a healing tool
-It's interactive with a partner or group to provide heightened power and effectiveness
-It's easy, enlightening, convenient and takes as little as 10 minutes per session
-It's designed to become a regular practice and a lifetime tool


In your whole being, body and mind, you fulfill on your goals as you break free from your past!

The Basic PULSE Manifestation course covers six hours, taught as a three-session, a one day workshop or as part of a weekend retreat.  It's interactive and fun! You will learn to PULSE for your personal goals and to perform group manifestations. As an alumni, you will be invited to join our groups and online gatherings for The Ultimate Manifestation. 

Together, we also create The Ultimate Manifestation: World Peace, Health, Prosperity and Balance.

In the practice of PULSE, The Ultimate Manifestation is an intentional meditation for creating World Transformation. It can be performed by groups of any size. The leader of the group guides the participants to visualize and "PULSE" a sequence of images that are designed to raise the consciousness of not only of the group, but all 7 billion human beings on the planet.  The power of the experience often causes participants to be deeply moved (see participant's comments). We are sure this power is already at work in the conscious evolution of the World. Our current goal is to have a network of 1 million people to join us in this miraculous practice. 

*All are invited to participate in The Ultimate Manifestation! It does not require learning PULSE Manifestation. All are invited!