PULSE Groups


The first PULSE Group started spontaneously after the initial PULSE Workshop at the Wainwright House in Rye, New York in 2005.  The participants experienced the power of doing the all-encompassing Ultimate Manifestation in a group and wanted the opportunity to do it on a regular basis. There was also high interest in having ongoing support to help participants gain momentum as they realize and appreciate the synchronicities that happen in their lives as a result of their regular PULSING.

PULSE Manifestation groups meet twice monthly and are open to anyone who has taken the basic PULSE Manifestation Course.  Although some people attend regularly,  each person can choose to come to PULSE groups  in the way  that works best for him/her.  The cost of the groups is nominal or free.

The set format for the PULSE Groups is designed to allow each group to become independently run with a rotating leader.  Experienced advisors are available to all groups both during their start up as well as on an as-needed basis.

The groups run for an hour and a quarter.  The first part of each meeting consists of sharing PULSE experiences and gaining support.  The second part includes  group PULSING for one or two participants.  In the third part of the meeting, participants do the Ultimate Manifestation together.

Group PULSEing  for individuals and the Ultimate Manifestation  for World Harmony in a group can be amazingly powerful experiences.   Attendees have reported feeling uplifted and energized for hours after the group sessions.