Do You Believe We Create Reality?

If we are indeed subconsciously and collectively manifesting our world, as many scientists in the field of quantum physics are discovering, what does it take to create intentionally? Gaining practice as a manifestor is easy, enlightening and fun, using PULSE (Perception Uniting Life Spiritual Energy). 


Why Is PULSE So Powerful?

It's a tool that's designed to become a daily practice, it's even more effective with a partner or group and it combines principles from scientifically proven modalities and ancient wisdom; such as EMDR™, NLP, EFT, Creative Visualization, Breathwork, "The Law of Attraction", Hypnosis, Affirmation and more. PULSE causes you to release from your very cells, hidden patterns that have kept you in survival mode. While you start to create the life you know you were always meant to live, you just naturally want to do the same on a global scale.


You Create a Beautiful Life = You Create a Beautiful World!

Our workshops and sessions are very interactive. Come prepared to share! The effective and deeply moving Ultimate Manifestation, our creation of World Peace, is the last segment. As a participant, you will be invited to join our network. As a powerful manifestor, you have the opportunity to become an ambassador to our future gatherings for the Ultimate Manifestation. There is no prerequisite for these gatherings, all are invited!

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Join Us For The Ultimate Manifestation! All Are Invited!

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