PULSE Philosophy


We are literally the creators of our lives.

Our emotions lead to thought and thought to actions and actions to results. Nothing is random, nothing is chance. Everything is choice.

Although we are programmed to live in survival mode, we are capable of creating consciously.

Survival mode starts when we are very young, when we learn about hurt. We live our lives looking through the lens of that hurt, recreating it over and over in an attempt to paradoxically and at once resolve it and prevent it. We can choose to look through a different lens, to leave the emotion of hurt in the past and surround it with love in the present so that the future has the results we desire.

You have chosen your life’s purpose but you may not consciously know what it is.

Creating consciously involves making choices that are not only free from the lens of hurt but are also tempered with humility. When your choices are aligned with your life’s purpose, things will go much more smoothly. Keeping a sense of mystery, wonder and gratitude is an important step in the process. You must remind yourself everyday to let go of controlling the outcome.

Conscious creation also requires an alignment of emotion and time, a lucid state, practice and the Word.

When we choose to suspend judgment of our emotions, to see them all as beautiful, then we are free to put hurt behind us. We do not have to keep bringing it up in an attempt to resolve it. There’s nothing to resolve. When we experience this, a clearing is created. Then all we have to do is say so (the Word) in an enhanced state (facilitated by “PULSEing”) and practice PULSE everyday while consistently letting go of controlling the outcome.

“Everything is everything and therefore everything is nothing and in the nothing everything is created”.

Again, when we suspend our judgment of emotion we can create anything. To do this we simply apply the law stated above. People who believe in an afterlife think that there is no time on the “other side” when more accurately, it’s not that there’s no time, it’s that there’s all time smooshed together into one. And so it follows that not only is time one, but everything we perceive as real is one. All emotions are one. All people are one. All experience is one. And inside the one is also zero because there can’t be one without zero. And so love is one and zero is fear and vise versa and neither is bad or good, they just are. Because of all this, you can change your past and be who you want to be now!

The Universe is pulsing.

Everything is yin/yang, in/out, back/forth, up/down, on/off and that in turn is what makes everything be. When you have a problem, whether it be physical or psychological, you are out of sync with the pulse and “PULSEing” is a very easy and powerful way to get back on track.


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