Who We Are

Eve Fischer



  • Eve Fischer, MAEd,  is a partner, developer and co-founder of PULSE Manifestation and PULSE Education, LLC. In 2003, Eve, an artist, writer and educator whose main interest is the link between science and spirituality, initiated a philosophical inquiry between several participants. This conversation grew into the PULSE technique and practice. She and Janet Alona worked under the guidance of an enlightened being as they discovered how to utilize principles of EMDR and other modalities to create this innovation. Together, they presented the first PULSE Manifestation Workshop at The Wainwright House in Rye, NY. It was there that the intention of PULSE was revealed to Eve and she directed the first performance of The Ultimate Manifestation. Eve continues to teach PULSE, both privately and in workshops. She grateful for her role and honored to bring this amazing technique and philosophy to you.  

Janet Alona Catalina

Janet Alona Catalina


  • Janet Alona Catalina, MSW, is a partner, developer and co-founder of PULSE Manifestation and PULSE Education LLC.  Janet is a therapist, life coach and a workshop leader who has been in the field over 30 years. She is the author of the article, "Dare to Dream", which appeared in the February 2019 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine, (Westchester,Putnam Dutchess Edition).   In her work as a therapist specializing in EMDR, a technique to heal trauma, Janet learned that several of the elements of EMDR, when combined with new technology, can be used as a creation tool to intentionally create in the present what one desires in the future.  Working with Eve Fischer for over a year,  they co-developed PULSE Manifestation.  PULSE represents the culmination of Janet's lifelong work to help others break past blockages and move consciously into the realm of unlimited possibilities.  Janet is passionate about PULSE and is delighted to be leading Basic PULSE Workshops, PULSE Empowerment Retreats, Advanced PULSE Workshops and PULSE Trainer the Trainer Workshops.