“For over 25 years I have used the "thought process" to manifest my reality and have learned many different tools and techniques.  I was excited to discover that PULSE combines all the tools that I had previously used, along with several new ones.  PULSE allows me to manifest what I want more consistently and reliably and, as importantly, not to manifest what I don’t want.   PULSE is a very reproducible scientific process and should be considered by anyone looking to better their life and have more of what they want.  That would be all of us!”

---Dr. Scott Simerman, Chiropractor,Wellness Educator, Mamaroneck, New York

“Very  profound information.  Some of what I learned from Abraham/Hicks but with much more applicability. . . After months of a financial dry spell, I added PULSEing to my “library” of manifestation knowledge.  Recently, abundance has shown up for my family in ways I just can’t believe!  PULSEing has helped me to remove fear from my life.”

---MC, Management Consultant, Westport Connecticut

“I am impressed with PULSE because it is a marriage of metaphysical truths and clinical technique that allows me to experience growth in an easy manner. Such a simple tool is a must for anyone looking to affect great personal growth in one’s life.”

---Rev. Dominick Sposili,  Spiritual Counselor, Yonkers, New York

 “Within two months of PULSEing regularly for the additional money I would need to send my son to a small  private college, I received a phone call which led to a  large consultation project that will cover  my son’s college costs.   Within four months of PULSEing for my  soul mate, I met the most amazing man.   Five months later we became romantic.  The love, trust and comfort I feel with him is beyond anything I have experienced before.  

"Needless to say,  PULSE is my tool of choice to draw to me what I am asking for.”

---Elizabeth Brown, CPA, Westchester, New York.

 “I’m utilizing PULSEing to focus myself and hone in on what I want. This  in turn makes it happen.   Doing the Ultimate Manifestation makes  me feel like I am three feet taller and walking on air above the ground.”

---Dr. Stewart Schwartz, Psychiatrist, Scarsdale and White Plains,  New York

“I am very excited about the PULSE work after having completed this short course.  I see it as a tool to both manifest the things that I have already begun working on through other practices, but also as a way of effectively dealing with those things that I have considered as blocks to achieving my goals.  I am personally struck by the ease with which I have been able to visualize what my achievement of these goals would look like.  The addition of a re-Creation of a childhood experience into the PULSEing has been amazing!  I was able to visualize a completely different relationship in my life with my Dad that I will now carry with me and bring forth whenever I desire.”

---Billy  Desiena, Business Owner, Millwood, New York

“Learning PULSE has integrated and accelerated my process of creating what I want for myself and being open to opportunities as they come along.  I was previously struggling with my writing; I was blocked.  Since learning PULSE, I have already written an  article and opened a new door to my career.”

---Laurie Mandel, Therapist, Scarsdale, NY

“My experience with PULSE has been extraordinary.  I did PULSE everyday for a month in a variety of ways: while walking, running, swimming, and sitting. I incorporated it easily into my daily activities.   
Within the first week, I experienced a distinct increase in my ability to get things done. Then a gift that I needed in order to reach my goal literally appeared on my doorstep.  Within three months I actualized what I wanted to manifest.  It has been an incredibly  personally  empowering experience, that is undeniable.

 “I have recently begun to envision the Ultimate Manifestation of world peace after my own personal manifestation “PULSEing”. I feel it provides a closing to my own practice. What an opportunity to step beyond my own needs and wants and IMAGINE what is possible!”

---Julianne D, Teacher, Stamford, CT

"I have pulsed weekly with my partner from a PULSE Workshop. From small things (getting rid of headaches) to large (improving finances), we have witnessed the power of PULSEing. Learn this valuable technique and change your life!”

--K. Stangeland, Business owner and author, Westchester, New York

“What I like about PULSE is that it is a simple, easy-to-use practice that encompasses so many elements of other spiritual traditions. I particularly love that the practice is a change agent. Whereas I have been able to come to intellectual realizations through my other spiritual work, the realization in and of itself was not enough to clear my energy field or allow me to let go. PULSE has given me a seemingly too simple method of letting go so that I can move on.  Thank you for this gift.”

---Donna  Stockman,  Chappaqua, New York

“The workshop puts you more in tune with yourself.  The process of “PULSEing” makes you more conscious. It is creative visualization at a deep intuitive level.”

---Joan P. Goldstein, Interior Designer, Ryebrook

“PULSEing has created subtle and profound changes in my outlook. It provides a physical method of incorporating the "Law of Attraction" principles and has become as regular to my daily routine as brushing my teeth. I believe the daily practice of PULSEing is key to its power. Even when not fully implemented everyday, I can thumbnail the technique and it reinforces my intentions. I am calmer, more trusting and more positive since using PULSE . Daily PULSEing reinforces my awareness that I am in control of achieving my goals.”

---Pamela Cucinell,  Astrologer, Mt Kisco, New York

“Janet was the most amazing teacher.   I loved the class!  PULSE has already become a powerful tool in my life on all levels.  I found even physically I have more energy, less pain and am more focused. I plan to make the practice a part of my everyday because the results are real.  I’m excited to see what will unfold in my life.”

---Ellen Collins, Massage Therapist, White Plains, New York

“The workshop was uplifting.  It is a true gift to have this information and specific ways to manifest positive outcomes for ourselves and humanity.  The Ultimate Manifestation was great.  I truly felt the peace, serenity and bliss.”

---Susan Pascal,RetiredTeacher, Reiki Practitioner, Bronxville, New York

“I found PULSEing to be tremendously powerful and effective. Each time, after I have PULSEd, I have been left with a feeling of being centered, at ease, and very positive about the future and about being alive!  Also, through this work those pesky issues that have held on tenaciously are finally loosening up and weakening their hold on me. That feels great!
 “I found the "Ultimate Manifestation" to be a beautiful process that works in harmony with my belief that when people gather in groups to send visions of happiness and joy into the world that we truly can make a difference and help uplift this planet.”

---Lisa Lipkin, Musician/Healer, Thornwood, New York

 “Powerful transformative tool.  I love having/using this proactive technique to advance and anchor my intentions.  A brilliant way to segue from individual healing and manifestation to global healing and manifestation.  Excellent, experiential presentation.”

---Carole Consigliere,  Educator and Energy Healer, Armonk, New York

“PULSE helped me to clearly  identify the issues and habitual patterns that tend to hold me back, both personally and professionally.  The power of this method for me is in the focus on acknowledgement and release that de-emphasizes attachment to the stories surrounding the problems.  I have experienced a feeling of greater freedom and well-being since learning to PULSE.  I am grateful to Janet and her team of colleagues.  She brings a sense of community and partnership to the learning and healing process that is invaluable. These are techniques that I will certainly share with my clients who are struggling with manifesting more of what they desire.”

---Nancy Scherlong,  LCSW, private therapist and life coach

“PULSE keeps leading me steadily toward  a consistently joyous life.  
PULSE helps me manifest in new ways to bring abundance to myself and others.
PULSE inspires me to think clearly, to speak positively and to take generous action.
PULSE manifests perfect and unexpected happenings that have totally enhanced my life.
PULSE has offered me the great secrets of how change really happens and brings me the best.
PULSE  helps me change my perceptions of how I “see” things.
PULSE helps me to identify and meet my goals in pleasant, easy ways .
PULSE helps me experience the greatness of the true power within that I withheld from myself.
 “Now, after “PULSEing” for three months, I feel tremendous gratitude and accept the gift of my life just as it is, as it unfolds.”

---Doris Gelber, artist, New Rochelle, NY

 “When I first went to the PULSE Manifestation Workshop, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I left the workshop feeling energized and uplifted.   In the two months since I have been doing “PULSEing”, I have come from being able to walk only 10 feet to being able to walk 50 feet.  I have lived in my house the past two years without planting anything.  Since I starting “PULSEing”, I have planted flowers in my garden which are growing amazingly.  

 “PULSEing” the Ultimate Manifestation gets better and better.  I feel it through every cell in my body.  The whole of me is alive and feels vibrationally  connected to everything in the Universe.  I can feel the peace, freedom and laughter. There are no words to adequately describe the feelings I have been having.”

---Laurie Fisher,  New Rochelle, NY    

What people are saying about PULSE Manifestation...

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