PULSE Manifestation Workshops

The schedule and contact information for upcoming workshops is on the calendar page.  Workshops are given in various holistic centers, retreat centers and private venues in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us.

PULSE Manifestation Basic Workshop

The PULSE Basic Workshop runs for three sessions, each one week apart.  The first session is dedicated to the theory and technique. Students learn how to use PULSE towards manifesting one simple goal. During the time between the sessions, the students practice the technique and keep a record of their experience. Each session will allow time for the students to ask questions and to be guided on their personal integration. The second session focuses on the "recreation lens". The "recreation lens" allows students to release negative patterns which prevent them from attaining their full potential. The third session ends with the Ultimate Manifestation, a powerful group PULSEing experience which contributes to creating World Peace.  The PULSE Basic Workshop is also available as a one day intensive class or a weekend retreat.
PULSE Manifestation Advanced Workshop

The PULSE Manifestation Advanced Workshop is open to students who have completed the Basic PULSE Manifestation workshop.  In the Advanced Workshop students will have an opportunity to significantly deepen their PULSEing practice as well as to learn how to PULSE for others in addition to PULSEing for themselves.

PULSE Manifestation Train the Trainer Workshop

The PULSE Manifestation Train the Trainer Workshop is open to all students who have completed the Basic PULSE Workshop and the Advanced PULSE Workshop.  The main focus of this workshop is for participants to become proficient in teaching PULSE Manifeston. They will be trained to guide participants to use their re-creation lenses to clear their old patterns. This is a hands-on workshop with emphasis on PULSEing practice. Graduates will have the opportunity to be certified as a PULSE Manifestation Teacher. Once certified, teachers will be invited to join our support network.

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